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    HDMI out makes connection telltales, but doesn't connect.


      When I plug in my HDMI out to connect my notebook to an external monitor, the screen flashes, changes resolution, and makes the connection sounds just like it would if it were connecting to the monitor, but the monitor remains 'no signal'.


      The monitor I'm trying to connect to is a UGEE 1910B drawing monitor (I have tried other monitors).  I'm a teacher and wanting to make Khan Academy style videos for my students.



      I have tried:

      • Different monitors
      • Different cables
      • HDMI to VGA adapter and then to the monitor
      • Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers (complete fresh install)
      • Disable then enable the device driver (a popular suggestion online)
      • Updated the bios
      • Looked for a way to set graphics device preference in bios
      • Cursed a lot and screamed at the computer
      • Probably some other things I've found online that I'm forgetting



      Assu Zenbook UX501V

      Intel HD Graphics 530

      Inel core i7 6th generation

      Nvidia GeForce 960M