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    SS4200-E Can't copy large amount of files to the device


      I have a new SS4200-E with four WD5000AACS 500Gb drives.  It's running software version  I have it connected to a small network in my office with three PCs all running XP Pro SP3.  I connect to the internet via FiOS using an Actiontec MI424-WR rev.D.  I had no troubles setting up the unit and getting it to boot properly.  All the devices on the network can see and read and write to each other.


      The problem is when I try and copy large quantities (tens of gigabytes or more) of files TO the SS4200.  It doesn't matter what type they are, the size of the individual files, or if I'm also copying directories.  Most of my files are megabytes to hundreds of megabytes with a few just over a gigabyte in size. I can begin copying and then after some variable amount of time, usually between five and thirty minutes, the transfer will stop and I'll get the message 'Error copying file or folder.  The specified network name is no longer available."  At that point the only thing that works is to power down the SS4200.  Once I power it back up everything works fine. This even happens if I am copying to the SS4200 from an external drive attached to it via USB.


      I can use any machine on the network to copy small amounts of files to the unit without trouble.  I can create directories and copy, move, and delete files on the unit.  I can copy large quantities of files FROM the SS4200 with no trouble at all to any computer on the network.  If I'm not copying a lot of files to the unit it will works great.


      I had also heard of difficulties caused by the time sync and the Twonky media server.  I tried switching those off which didn't help at all. I got the dump files and looked at them but since I'm not a linux guy they were pretty meaningless to me.


      Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.