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    Using *my own* calibration parameters for SR300 in mapping depth/color with *Windows* SDK


      Hello RealSense community,

      I need a very-accurate depth-color mapping between cameras, but the factory setting of my camera is not enough, unfortunately .


      To look around the SDK, I found the following method in "RealSense/Projection.h" in the official SDK (2016-R3).


      static __inline Projection* CreateInstance(rs_intrinsics *colorIntrinsics, rs_intrinsics *depthIntrinsics, rs_extrinsics *extrinsics) {

                      return (Projection*)RS_Projection_CreateInstanceFromIntrinsicsExtrinsics(colorIntrinsics, depthIntrinsics, extrinsics);



      However, I am not sure it is supported or not, and I cannot activate this block because it is wrapped with #ifndef _WIN32 block which is not activated in Windows environment.


      So My question is like this;

      Is there anyway to instantiate PXCProjection (Intel::RealSense::Projection) module without using PXCDevice::Device::CreateProjection(void) ?

      Especially, I would like to instantiate it with my own calibration parameters. To me, it is quite natural to support this kind of activity in the SDK, but I cannot find it...


      I also found that librealsense (GitHub - IntelRealSense/librealsense: Cross-platform API for Intel® RealSense™ devices ) supports similar functionality,

      but my code is largely based on official SDK, so it is hard to transit my code base to librealsense.


      Please do not tell me to replicate the functionality in librealsense . It is too obvious and I can do it, but I just would like to find more elegant solution.


      Thank you in advance.