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    S1200SPO: problem with the graphics card



      I apologize in advance for the presentation of the text, write in Russian and translate in the browser.

      Asking for help from professionals. Platform "R1304SPOSHBN", fully assembled, all components are in their places, the processor is "XEON E3-1230 v6 ", RAM 2*16GB Kingston KVR24E17D8/16MA

      The problem is that when the system starts the testing begins, the fan speed maximum rpm is reduced to minimum and testing apparently ends, then should start to boot the system (?), however on the screen nothing appears either during testing or after. However, after the fall of the fan speed, about 30 seconds later the server rebooted, then again and again. The screen is totally unresponsive. Apparently the problem with the built-in graphics card, but connecting the external new and serviceable graphics card has not produced results. BIOS reset.

      In this case, can advise? How to diagnose the problem? The server is brand new, probably made a mistake somewhere with the connection of the components, but did everything according to instructions.

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