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    Intel HD 530 doesnt detect 3rd monitor



      I want to use 3 monitors, the one from laptop, one through HDMI and one through USB -> VGA convertor, but I'm not able to make it work together.

      Default display and HDMI works fine, but I have trouble connecting the third one. Actually, if I disconnect the HDMI, I still am not able to connect the USB->VGA monitor.

      The installation of convertor driver was successfull, the monitor stopped showing "NO INPUT SIGNAL" message and notification LED turned from orange to green. What is strange is that in Windows (10) display settings I can see 3 monitors, in nVidia management panel I can see 3 monitors, but Intel Graphics Control Panel shows only 2 monitors.


      PC: Dell Inspirion Gaming 7566

      OS: Windows 10


      All drivers are kept actual. The USB->VGA converter is from company named Secomp International branded as "Value"