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    NUC7I7BNH picture and sound drops out for a couple of seconds


      I have an intel NUC NUC7I7BNH acting as a media centre
      plugged in via hdmi to a sony STD-DN1080, which in turn is connected to an LG 55UH850V
      also via HDMI.  I have an intermittent
      fault (but it is happening frequently) where both the picture and sound drop
      for 2 seconds prior to coming back on again.
      It seems to happen most often when scrolling a web page from MS edge,
      but will happen at other times as well.

      Things I have tried thus far

      1. Change the HDMI cables
      2. I have tried to make sure that all of the
        drivers/software for the NUC, Amp and TV are up to date
      3. Ensure that HDMI control (CEC) is disabled for
        all of the devices
      4. Change the refresh rate of the monitor from 59
        hrz to 60 hrz
      5. I also tried disabling the generic P’n’P
        monitor, but I am not sure that this really worked as I couldn’t find a suitable
        replacement drive.
      6. I have moving the NUC to a different input on
        the amp.

      But thus far I don’t seem to have found the answer.  I wondered if there was anyone else 1) having
      similar issues or 2) had any suggestions as to what to try next.

      I have other sources connected to the AMP none of which exhibit
      this behaviour