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    Is NUC my best choice?


      I currently have a DELL XPS 8700, and am looking for something small enough to travel with.


      I would like for the new computer to run for long periods of time and am wondering if this small form would be heat tolerant.


      I will mainly be doing torrenting, light photoshopping, and general web-surfing.


      Is the NUC my best choice?  If so, which model would you recommend?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Thank you very much for joining the Intel® NUC communities. We will do our best in order to provide the information you are looking for.
          In regard to your question, yes, the NUC will be a pretty good option if you need a computer device while traveling. It will comply with all the tasks that you described above. On the link below you will find the NUCs for you to select either one of them and verify the specifications, we recommend the NUC7s because they were released recently:
          Now, in regard to the heat, the NUC was design with its own fan to keep it cool and to avoid overheating, so that should not be a problem.
          There are different opinions on the Intel® NUCs, that is why I also encourage all the peers viewing this forum that if they have further suggestions or comments on this matter to post all the details on this thread.
          Any further questions, please let me know.
          Alberto R

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            There is a serious issue affecting these nuc's currently.

            NUC7ixBN Screen Flashing/Flickering when using 4K resolutions

            Until it is resolved buying one would be a waste of money.