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    NUC6I7KYK (Brand New) - Fan not turning on; CPU overheating


      Hi All,


      I just received the NUC, installed my ram and ssd sticks, booted it up and noticed it was unstable. I booted to setup with F2 and see the CPU temp slowly rises until it hits 100 and it reboots itself (Temp monitoring and self-preservation I assume). All the while the fan speeds in the BIOS are stuck at 0 and the fan doesn't move. I can't hear it and I opened the case up and see it sitting there not moving.


      I can see the fan is securely plugged into the motherboard, so I'm not sure what else to try. Did I just get a defective fan?


      I'm considering trying a BIOS upgrade, but I assume it's more of a hardware issue. Any help or suggestions are appreciated... I'd rather not have to go through a RMA process.


      Things I've tried so far:

      - Unplugging and plugging the fan back into the mobo

      - Unraveling the twisted fan wires (Saw this in another post here)

      - Trying to adjust the fan settings in the BIOS


      Would removing the entire fan void any warranties? I could check if the wires are crimped or not plugged in on the underside if the warranty isn't voided somehow.

      Thanks in advance,