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    BITS test for E8400 processor



      After ~5years of using my E8400 processor(never overclocked) on a G41M-P26 (MSI, 26.11 BIOS ver.) motherboard with Win 7 Ent I am unable to re-install the OS, the message displayed says something like:

      \Windows\system32\winload.exe error 0xc000035a:

      Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however the CPU is not compatible with 64-bit mode

      I disregarded this information and focused for 3-4 days on dealing with what seem to be Win7 stuff but in most of the tested solutions this incompatibility 32/64bit kept popping up.

      Running out of ideas/solutions I took a look in BIOS and, surprise surprise I noticed that "Intel (R) 64" is marked as "N/A" in the information page: Cell Menu->CPU Specifications->CPU Technology Support(please see picture).

      Since I have no OS available for now I looked for DOS bootable alternatives and installed BITS on USB.

      Question: can this tool tell me if I have a problem with 64-bit mode?

      Despite some "Unknown processor" message I ran all tests but I can't make any sense of the results

      I also send an inquiry to the mobo manufacturer asking if this is a known issue that can be fixed in any way.

      Thank you much in advance.