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    Intel HD 3000 Graphics - HDMI wrong resolution and no Audio


      I am using my old pc to set up an arcade cabinet.  The display is a Seiki 32" 1080p tv.  The computer has windows 7 on it.  The CPU is an i5 2500K.


      When the bios software runs the tv resolution is at 1080p.  When the computer boots into Windows the resolution is 1024x768.  The option of 1920x1080 is not available to switch to.  There is also no audio.


      In device manager I see an Intel HD display audio device but this device is not showing up in the audio playback devices.


      When I updated the Intel HD display audio device, the resolution changed (I don't know what to) and there was audio.  The computer asked to restart and when it restarted it went back to 1024x768 resolution and again no audio.


      Is there a way I can fix this issue?