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      So I found a cheap DQ57TM combo [CPU/RAM/MOBO] on Ebay and decided to buy it to put an x3470 on the system instead of the included i5-650. My intel ME version is v6.2, Build 3535, Hotfix 61. My current mobo version is TMIBX10H.86A.0029.2010.0203.1403 and on the intel compatibility website it says I need a min of 0.32 in order to run x3470 on the system. So I go and find the latest bios version 0.50 and try to install it only to fail when flashing intel me and getting an error code [image]. I tried using a USB drive to flash and the express windows environment to flash but did not work. I also used many versions of bios updates only to fail with the same message. If anyone here has experience with issues like these I would greatly appreciate your help. The system is working perfectly with windows 10 and I am going to be able to use it for a couple of years but I think that the experience could be much better with the xeon processor.