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    3D Mesh's dimensions with SR300




      I am scanning with the SR300 and generating 3D meshes and after I get the .OBJ file I import it to an application such as Meshmixer.


      My problem is that when I check the dimensions for the models, they appear in millimeters, such as 0.8 [mm] when it actually is 0.8 [m]. What I would like is for them to be in the correct value (in the previous example, I would like it be 800 [mm]).


      When using the Sense3D (which uses the SR300 underneath), the models generated are in the proper dimensions, so I'm wondering if maybe there is a parameter I can change in the SDK that allows me to obtain the 3D models with this proper values.



      Any ideas? (or maybe clarifications)


      Thanks in advance!




      PS. I can actually change the dimensions in Meshmixer so it works fine, but I'd like it to be immediate as in the case of the Sense3D

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          I'm not aware of a means to change the 3D model export settings from mm to m in the SDK.  If you are using the 3DScan sample that comes with the SDK though to generate your model and have some experience with C# coding, you could maybe edit the source code of the sample to export in m and build your own custom version of the program in Visual Studio.



          You can find it in the 3DScan sample's listing in the Sample Browser application, which is run from a folder the SDK places on your desktop called 'Intel RealSense SDK Gold' when you install the SDK..

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            Ohh okay, I haven't found anything in there either, but I'll give it another try .