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    NUC7i5 bluetooth issues




      I have been having a number of issues with the bluetooth radio on my NUC7i5. Intermittently the bluetooth stop functioning and restarting does not do anything to fix it. The system device manager tells me that a USB device is not recognized, which I guess is the bluetooth.


      If I unplug the machine for a few minutes, then switch on again, this seems to fix the issue. My logitech mx anywhere 2S mouse and k810 keyboard are both attached via bluetooth so its a real pain when they no longer function.


      Separately, on booting, sometimes the machine gets stuck on the grey NUC pre-bios screen, sometimes it doesn't get to that screen. If I power off and power on again, it generally boots correctly.


      Any suggestions?

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          Have you installed all drivers for your NUC? : Downloads for Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i5BNH

          If you haven't yet, you shall do it. You can download each driver separately or you can download  Driver Bundle zip and unzip on your drive before installation of each driver.

          Install each driver manually (do not use Intel Update Driver Utility).

          Start first with Management Engine driver and with Chipset Driver. Reboot your computer.

          Now, you can install all other drivers - the sequence is not important.  You don't need to reboot your NUC after each driver, only once in the end.


          Update your bios to the latest version using Bios recovery method (you can choose Power Menu option): BIOS Recovery Update Instructions for Intel® NUC

          To get the Power Button menu, press the Power Button for 3 seconds (but not more than 4 seconds). Release the Power Button once the Power Led changes its color from blue to amber. NUC will boot into Power Button menu.

          3. While the USB stick with the BN0050.bio file is inserted into USB socket, press F4 to initiate the bios recovery process.


          Hope this helps

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            Thanks for the response, currently I have all the latest drivers installed and I also have the latest bios as well.


            It may be unrelated but I'm also getting fairly regular BSOD, where the computer needs to be hard rebooted to get it working again (won't auto restart).

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              Could be that you have some corruption within Windows 10. It is very easy to repair possible corrupted Windows 10 without loosing any think with an in place upgrade. Here you can see the tutorial how to do this: Windows 10 Forums  . Go to step 6 of this tutorial to create media using Media Creation Tool.


              Hope this will help