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    Error updating firmware on X-25 G2 - drive not found!


      Hi everyone,


      I have just bought a new computer with a X-25 G2 80 GB Intel ssd installed. I am running GA-770TA-UD3 Motherboard and Windows 7 64 bit.


      My problem is that I have found out that I am running the 2HA firmware, and I would like to upgrade it to the 2HD firmware (or the 110902HD88208850 firmware version to be correct) as I have heard that the 2HA firmware can cause problems.

      I tried upgrading the firmware by booting on the firmware cd-rom. The program starts up when I am booting, but then tells me that I have no SSD drives on my computer...? In that way I cannot upgrade the firmware!

      Do You know what I have to do in order to ensure the firmware cd can "see" my SSD?


      I have installed the "Intel SSD Toolbox" but it says "Error connecting to drive", so not much help there....


      I am a bit of a noob in BIOS and so on - could there be something preventing the firmware in running? In that case, what do I have to do in order to make it run?


      Thanks in advance!