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    i5-7267U vs i5-7360U for eGPU gaming (boost clocks)


      The i5-7267U (267u) has a base clock of 3.1 and a boost of 3.5, where the i5-7360U (360u) has a base of 2.3 and a boost of 3.6. Both are used for the new Macbook Pro 13 inch model with the 267u for the touch bar model which has 2 fans for cooling, and the 360u used for the non-touch model with only one fan for cooling. I am considering both for light use, however, I also like to play games so will be using an external graphics adapter to play games. I am wondering if there would be any real difference between the performance of both of these processors as their boost clocks are almost the same. I am worried if the lower base clock of the 360u will be any hinderence compared to the 267u's base clock of 3.1, or if the single fan of the 360u will cause thermal throttling, which I do not anticipate as the external eGPU will be taking a fair load off the system and therefore reducing stress on the Macbook pro's thermal limits.