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    Skull Canyon fails to boot from time to time


      I have one of the more annoying issues ever which would simply won't go away.

      Some background first:


      I'm using a Windows 10 x64 PC with BitLocker encryption backed by TPM.


      In every 3-4 COLD boots at the beginning of the day i would get a message from windows at boot time that the TPM is unavailable, and because of that windows could not automatically DE-crypt my drive, and i should use the recovery key instead.

      At this point more often than not, i cannot even do that because my keyboard isn't working until i disconnect the usb hub cable, and reconnect it.


      At this point there is a simple work-around, to simply press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and perform a warm boot. The next boot ALWAYS work using the TPM which is available at this point. Notice i cannot reproduce the issue using warm boots.


      In addition do note that i usually leave the machine completely unplugged for several hours / days to save power.


      Sometimes the problem escalates to the point the BCD data is corrupted, and a manual repair is needed. But this is far more rare.


      My boot settings are: Fastboot disabled , secureboot enabled, and TPM is active and used for BitLocker.


      I'm using the latest available BIOS (49)