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    Re:I219-V latest Intel Network Gigabit Drivers causes crash on wmiprvse.exe...


      Good day.


      I hope you can make this thread "unresolved" again. This is still happening...


      I updated my Intel i219-v drivers this week from PROWin_v22.1 (driver version to Intel-LAN- which I found on Asus Website (driver version Immediately WMIPRVSE started crashing. I have User-Mode dumps enabled, and after this release I see about 5 dumps a day - I can FTP somewhere if you accept dumps. CoreAgnt.dll is version The Windows Error Reporting Service records this:


      Faulting Application Path: C:\Windows\System32\wbem\WmiPrvSE.exe

      Problem Event Name: BEX64

      Application Name: wmiprvse.exe

      Application Version: 6.3.9600.16406

      Application Timestamp: 5244fd73

      Fault Module Name: CoreAgnt.dll_unloaded

      Fault Module Version:

      Fault Module Timestamp: 58fe61c5

      Exception Offset: 000007fee4197e88

      Exception Code: c0000005

      Exception Data: 0000000000000008


      When I discovered this I went back to Intel and discovered a new release, so I installed PROWin_v22.6. The CoreAgnt.dll version increased to but it was still crashing.


      I downgraded back to PROWin_v22.1 and the problem is gone.


      The release notes between 22.1 and 22.6 only speak of enabling ultra low power mode, so according to them I am not missing much. But some bugs were probably corrected, so I would LIKE to be able to use the latest drivers. Features like Large Send Offload are especially problematic and might've seen a few improvements between releases.


      When I look in WinDbg I see this:




      I see NX there; maybe this is related to the fact that I have NoExecute (DEP) enabled for all processes, rather than the Opt-In which is the default? I'm not really in the mood to reInstall the latest drivers, disable DEP and let the machine sit for a day just to see if DEP is the issue - CoreAgnt.dll should not be causing DEP issues...


      Thank you.

      Best Regards,

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