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    USB Provisioning issue. USB data missing current Intel ® ME password




      I'm using USBFile.exe to provision a shipment of brand new Lenovo M58p desktops. When trying, I receive the error message, "USB data missing current Intel ® ME password". I believe I have everything setup correctly. I am trying to use version 2.1 as it should be the correct version to use on this hardware.


      The Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension version is 5.05.0010

      The ME Firmware version is


      The command line I'm using to create the setup.bin is USBFile.exe -create setup.bin admin PassW@rd1 -v 2 -amt -hash c:\AMTProv.cer PKI1


      I've tried version 1 and it provisions the ME password but does not provision the RootCA

      Version 2 and Version 2.1 I receive the  USB data missing current Intel ® ME password error.


      Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? I know these systems are unprovisioned and version 1 works except for the RootCA.

      Thanks for any help,