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    Fake Display Intel HD 400


      I have a tablet with the Intel HD Graphics 400 on it. I would like to use the feature: Connect Anyways on VGA.

      Currently I can't seem to get the PC to give me that option. I've noticed on your boards people have asked about connecting a Fake Display.

      How can I get this functionality from your drivers?


      Operating System: Windows 10.

      Atom X8350 Driver

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello BldLdnDef,
          I understand you would like to know how to enable the “Connect Anyway on VGA” on Windows*.
          Let me apologize for any inconvenience this issue may be causing to you.
          As far as I know this is a feature of the operating system itself.  Through the Intel® Graphics Control Panel it is not possible to create fake monitors.
          What do you need to create a fake monitor for?
          Fred D.

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            We're using it with regards to a special program of ours. We are able to perform tasks on the second monitor while using the primary monitor as a means of communication.

            Without this feature were a little dead in the water as our tasks will be done on the display where the messaging client is being used.


            The odd part is that we aren't seeing this feature with Cherry Trail based machines but we are with older ones.

            You can't seem to create this fake monitor using the Intel Graphics Control Panel, but, I do think there's something involving the video drivers.


            Thanks for your time,


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                I have just contacted Intel who mentioned that the feature was removed from the controller of the new chipsets.

                This isn't a Microsoft thing. I'm commenting to inform you and the community.


                The inconvenience is great.