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    Alternative to YQSMTSO-51732-ET standoffs for joule module


      Dear Joule expansion board designers,


      There has been a couple of standoff discussions as it was not possible to find the original ones in the market. I wanted to share a product that I have recently tried and is almost identical to the original one. I got 100 pieces. Joule is dead, but, you may need similar standoffs for your other projects.


      Company: Zhejiang Ronnie Precision Machine Co. Ltd.

      Product code: 3.8/2.4*M1.6*L2mm

      Price: EXW(?) US$0.022/pc

      Contact: yw03@ronnie.com.cn

      I am adding a few documents to give more details.

      I was very happy with the responsiveness of the company. They really tried to help even though I got a very small order.