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    i7 4720HQ temperature


      Hello all,


      I would like to ask what is the acceptable high end temperature for a i7 4720hq processor?

      When i am running a game, it can go up to 84 Celsius using CPUID HWMonitor software as seen in the picture attached.


      Rest of the specs are

      RAM 8gb

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M


      Thanks in advance

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          The absence of a Tcontrol temperature setting in its MSRs would seem to indicate that this part can operate at any temperature up to its Tjmax setting (which is going to be 100+/-5°C). I think that this is asking for trouble. In testing we did with the Core i5-4250U for the D54250WYK NUC, we established, for fan speed control purposes, an artificial Tcontrol setting of 17 (i.e. Tjmax - 17). For the typical processor with a Tjmax of 100°C, this says that temperatures should be maintained at or below 83°C. Now, whether temperatures consistently above this level are going to eventually degrade the part is dependent upon whether the temperature is above the thermal load line. Since you cannot map the thermal load line, however, you should try to keep temperatures below this level.


          Bottom line, for your case, seeing temperatures this high is perfectly fine. I would start to worry if they go significantly above this level for sustained periods of time, however.


          Hope this helps,


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            Scott Pearson, thank you for your reply!


            By saying sustained periods of time, you mean reaching high, constant temperature levels without stressing it? Cause if i keep playing for example, the temperature won't go any lower, maybe 2 or 3 degrees down and that's for a very short time. However, when i stop, it's dropping to 70 then 60 almost instantly.

            Moreover, the average temperature, when not doing heave stuff, is 48 Celsius which i believe is fine.

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              I am saying that you should be concerned if you are seeing the processor running at very high (say, above 90c) temperatures for very long (say, multiple hour) periods of time. This isn't good for it.


              Your processor could run at 84c for its entire warranted lifetime and it would remain fat, dumb and happy throughout. I would note, however, that there are other components in a system that cannot sustain temperature levels this high for long periods of time. Remember that heat can spread from the processor to other components in a system via board traces, ambient air, etc., especially in SFF designs. The temperatures of your RAM, SSDs and HDDs should be watched closely as well...