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    "Long Cable Detected"


      Hello. I am a new member, nice to meet you.


      I have a DP45SG motherboard with all the latest drivers (LAN, Chipset, BIOS) under Windows Home Server. This PC is connected to a Gbit switch.


      I have random stutter when I watch video through ethernet. I suspect that this has something to do with the onboard network adapter (82567LM2).


      So I check the properties in device manager and run Diagnostics. Every test pass succesfully except the cable test. I receive the message "Long Cable Detected", saying that my cable length is 255 meters which is longer than supported (100 meters).

      But I only use a 5 meter cat6 ethernet cable. This could indicate a break in the cable but I don't have this issue, the cable is connected to the switch without any breaks (straight).


      Is this something that I should I worry about? Could this be the cause of stuttering when I stream video through my LAN?


      Thank you.

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          Please help...

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            Absolutely. If the cable test is reporting that the cable is too long, even though it is 5 meters, there is some impedance that is likely causing the signal through the wire to be delayed or corrupted.  Would it be possible to run some tests using another cable or bypassing the switch?


            Justin Wright

            Intel - Wired Networking

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              Hi Justin, thanks for the reply.


              I tried your suggestions but the problem persists.

              I connected with a 10/100 switch, with the router, with a short cat5e and another cat6 cable but no luck.

              I even connected the WHS pc directly with my client pc but I always get the same message:


              Long Cable Detected
              The cable attached to this port is longer than the maximum supported length of 100 meters.


              Test details

              Cable Length: 255 Meters
              Polarity: Normal

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                The Long Cable Detected issue you are seeing is a tool reporting issue and does not affect the network connection. A fix for that bug will be included in the version 15.2 software release.


                The plan is for version 15.2 to be tested and ready for posting in Download Center in early May. The simplest way for you to get the update will be to run Intel® Driver Update Utility. Intel® Driver Update Utility will automatically identify and give you the opportunity to upgrade drivers for Intel devices on your computer.