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    Intel 7820x Core CPU BSOD's



      Intel i7 7820x + MSI SLI PLUS x299. Last BIOS and drivers.

      My problem

      When Intel Turbo Bost  is activated in BIOS, Photoshop CC 2017, Bridge CC 2017, After Effects CC 2017 crashes imidietly with BSOD.

      When I disable Turbo Boost Max 3.0 nothing changes. It is impossible to deinstall Turbo Boost Max 3.0.

      But when i deactivate Turbo Boost in BIOS Adobe program works perfect.

      Other programs works normal in Turbo Boost.

      Any solution for this problem ?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Piotr_K,

          I understand your computer crashes when using Adobe programs if turbo boost is enabled. I apologize for the inconvenience, let me help on this matter.

          It seems to be a problem with the turbo boost technology on the processor but I would like to confirm if this issue happens with another processor, have you tried another one?

          Allan J.

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            Yes, computer crashes when I'm using Adobe programs. But I have noticed that only in Bridge, Photoshop and After Effects. In Illustrator, Lightrom, Premiere nothing happens. There are no problem with programs like Aida64, Prime95, Cinebench R15.038,  Affinity Photo.

            At first I thought that the problem is caused by graphics card nvidia quadro k620 but I had disabled Graphics Processor functions in Adobe programs and still this programs were crashing. By the way I used this card before in another platform and everything worked fine.

            I had changed MB MSI SLI PLUS x299 and still I was getting crashes

            Next step, I enabled Safe Mode in Windows 10 (64 bit) and crashes stopped. I've decided to disable Turbo Boost in BIOS and then Adobe programs stopped Crashes.


            I dont have another processor. I bought a CPU on August 3. I replaced it because of a damage of one of Memory Channels. When i asked the shop where i bought that procesor for another one, they directed me to Intel with this problem.

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              Hello Piotr_K,

              Thank you for taking the time and update this thread.

              The idea was to have another processor to test turbo boost technology, from the board or the processor itself, but at this stage, I recommend contacting Intel customer support and check for warranty options for your Intel® processor.

              Please access the link below for contact information:

              Allan J.

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                There is something worth mentioning that the OP hasn't touched upon.


                This issue has arose with myself and many other (from what I see) i7-7820x users. The issue arose out of nowhere after everything was working perfectly with Turbo Boost enabled in the BIOS. This is an important fact that can't be ignored. Here are other threads with 7820x users running into this issue(note that we all have different motherboards, and the common factor is the 7820x CPU):




                Windows 10 Forums

                WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR / Windows 10 Pro / Aft... | Adobe Community







                To me this looks to be a driver issue, but I believe this is a case that needs to be brought to Intel's attention regarding the i7-7820x.

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                  This is probably caused by errors in the BIOS

                  I’ve changed in MSI Command Center program processor Ratio:

                  from default

                  Core0 45 to 44 and

                  Core1 41 to 43

                  Other Cores without change.

                  What is Interesting, that  the processor works like with the default Turbo Boost Max 3.0 setting. Max 4500 MHz, Turbo Boost 4300 MHz and Boost 4000 MHz.

                  Since I’ve done that, Adobe programs till present moment stopped Crashes.

                  However, the change of Ratio in BIOS does not work.

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                    I have an Asus MOBO so I need to find the setting you're referring to. However, the fact that everything was working fine with Adobe CC programs until last week, for me and the other users, means it has to be the fault of an update. I was able to use Adobe CC for a solid week, running test renders and all after building my PC. It seems there was an auto update somewhere and I haven't seen anyone point to which update it might have been. I think it was Friday or Saturday of last week when the issue popped up.

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                      Hello, I'm also having a similar issue running I7- 7820x. I am able to boot adobe photoshop but am seeing a lot of instability when I use the color picker to sample a color. Being this is a vital and basic tool, and the repeated results for a BSOD, I cannot use this in any professional capacity. I bought the Asus Mobo Prime X299 Deluxe and was hoping this chipset would help me with rendering and digital painting. I am on the adobe Beta team as well as a professional concept artist for films so this is not my first rodeo. I am deeply disappointed. When loading 3d apps such as modo, I also get a crash upon immediate render. Also, I've noticed the network controller won't mount no matter what I try to do to update the driver. It just won't let me do it. I've also had my whole rig inspected and diagnosed by a highly recommended professional computer repair company thinking I was doing something wrong. Apparently, I wasn't. Just seems like this whole thing is pretty unstable. Please help. I really need to get this machine running.



                      I would also like to take second to say that I've contacted Asus and spoke with multiple tech independently of one another. At first I was running the I7-7740x processor in my Asus Prime Deluxe X299. Both processors are on "The Recommended" list of vendor parts. Both seem to be having a problem. After thorough testing on all my parts independently both from me and a professional tech, I'm convinced its the lack of support for these processors. I don't think the hardware is bad, per say, but perhaps the software support for this series to play nicely with the X299 chip set and with a Geforce 1080 Ti just does not exist. I don't really understand why a company would release a product and charge their user base so much money if its not been properly beta test or large swaths of folks seem to be encountering stability issues across the interwebs. I'm also deeply disappointed that after spending roughly $5,000 on premium parts, that I can't even use it and i've kept trying to trouble shoot. Again, multiple and independent sources have tested and verified all new premium parts from recommended vendors have all test well independently of one another. It is not a part issue. This seems like a driver issue. When will a new update be released? Please please help.

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                        This was very helpful. Thanks for sharing this link with us BT Chamby. May the 7 kingdoms bestow their good fortunes upon you for this!


                        I followed up on the adobe forum and they had a solution which seems to work as of now. Keeping the finger crossed and hoping this will continue to run smoothly until intel can release a patch for the turbo boost technology. Seems to be problematic in my case. Cheers,



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                          I have a 7820X and a MSI x299 SLI PLUS motherboard. I also encountered this kind of BSOD.


                          My Solution to fixing this Photoshop BSOD when Intel turbo boost enabled is that you just need to set the "CPU Ratio Offset when running AVX" and "CPU Ratio Offset when running AVX-512" BIOS options to -2. It would fix the problem.


                          Right now, I could use Photoshop with Intel turbo boost enabled without any crash/BSOD. I guess the cause of it is because Photoshop is using AVX/AVX-512 instruction sets. And I guess 7820X coudln't execute AVX/AVX-512 at that turbo boost frequency reliably.


                          Hope you guys could also fix the problem by trying this solution.

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                            It looks like the avx ratio works best. Thank you for the hint.


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                              Anyone have asus motherboard? Im not sure where to find the core ratio settings in my BIOS.

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                                I have found the settings you are referring to(AVX OFFSET), however they are greyed out and say "auto" not sure what settings I need to change to be able to tweak those. Did anyone else run into this?

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                                  From what I've read from the internet about ASUS BIOS, I think you need to set the Option "Ai Overclock Tuner" to "Manual" before you could set AVX offset ratio. (and it seems that you need to put 2 there instead of -2 because that BIOS option is called "AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset")

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                                    I am not clear if you guys are discussing ways to continue to be able to utilize the overclock potential of the processor, but I have basically uninstalled the intel turbo boost and things have been very stable. That said, I'm a bit disappointed still that I have an amazing processor that can't do what was advertised on it. But I'm hoping Intel will clear that up soon.

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