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    Intel i7-6500u downclocking for termal throttling even at low temperature


      I have the following problem and i noticed it only after Creators Update in Windows 10:

      (My laptop is an ASUS K501UX with i7 6500u cpu and NVidia GTX950m gpu and Windows 10 64bit)

      Whenever I try to play or make some heavy task, in performance mode and AC plugged-in, I have serious problems with dowclocking of cpu, making fps going down to 5-10 fps after a while, an issue that wasn't there a year ago, when I bought the laptop. For example, bf4 used to run smoothly and now is totally unplayable.


      So when I run intel XTU to monitor the system during load i always see the Thermal Throttling bar fluctuating between the value "Yes" and "No" when the temperature reaches 49° C.

      I've also used  the Intel Diagnostic tool and the cpu passed every test.

      I've tried to update (and then also to downgrade) the drivers but nothing happens, the problem is still there.


      Is there a way to solve this problem?




      (as it can be seen in the picture, recent mean value of thermal throttling is "Yes", and after a while the Max Core Frequency get stuck on 0,4 GHz)