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    Poor OpenGL performance with 4653 driver


      I have an OpenGL Java application for my work (i.e. not publicly available) that started exhibiting intermittent poor performance, and I believe this behavior started with the 4653 driver.  The developers of the application can't help a whole lot because they don't have an Intel graphics platform to test against.  They mainly test against nVidia hardware.  The only input they have been able to offer so far is that the application is "getting stuck in OpenGL calls".  This was based on jstack output I sent them.  This application has performed well on Intel hardware in the past.  The most frustrating aspect of the issue is that sometimes the application will perform normally, but when it doesn't, it is unusable.


      I am running on Windows 10 64-bit, Version 1703.  I have followed the steps from the thread about Windows 10 Creators, where I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it.  At first this helped, and I thought the problem was fixed.  That lasted for about a week, and then the poor performance started again.  Reboots or even a complete power-off and restart do not seem to make any difference.


      The machine is a Sony Vaio laptop, model SVF1521AGXB.  The CPU is a Core i5-3337U, and the machine has 8 GB of RAM.


      I know it's a long shot, but any suggestions would be appreciated!