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    Intel Celeron J3455 with Intel HD Graphics 500 - OpenCL versions




      I have this mini-pc: ASRock > Beebox Series (Apollo Lake)

      With J3455 and Intel HD Graphics 500.


      According to the Capabilities table at: Intel HD and Iris Graphics - Wikipedia

      The Intel HD Graphics 500 can do OpenCL 2.0.


      Using a tool like GPU Caps Viewer, it shows that only Open CL 1.2 is possible.

      Why is that? Can the next driver update raise the OpenCL version to 2.0, perhaps even to 2.1?



      How to develop OpenCL applications with this Intel GPU? Is there an IDE available or just using a simple editor is enough?

      Then, how to execute OpenCL on this Intel GPU? Does OpenCL code has to be compiled?

      Do I need additional OpenCL SDK, etc. for development and execution, or is the installed Intel Driver enough?



      As this Intel GPU also supports Vulkan, how to develop Vulkan applications? What do I need for development and execution of Vulkan applications?


      Thanks in advance!