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    Problems with Purley + ESRT2 + UEFI + Linux


      We are developing a product on a Wolf Pass Intel server, S2600WF, using Linux.

      We would like to use ESRT2 built-in RAID1, which is only available under UEFI boots.

      Note that under UEFI boots there are no boot-up RAID config options, such as Ctl-I.

      We have booted our Linux in UEFI, and it loads megaraid_sas.ko and creates /dev/megaraid_sas_ioctl_node.

      But then we run CmdTool264 to configure the RAID, and it does not see any adapters nor drives.

      I believe the Intel provided binary megasr driver is only required for RAID5, so we have not loaded it.

      How do you configure and admin the RAID in this case?

      Thank you for any advice.