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    Network Card Driver update


      My query is - I am running Win10 (upgraded from Win7) and my network card driver is v 

      However Intel website says the latest driver is 

      I run MS Update automatically and it is not highlighting this as a problem.


      System gives me this info


      Wired Networking Product Intel(R)82579 V based NetworkController (OEM)

      Driver Version


      The problem I have is that often (about 25% of the time) when I switch the PC on, it does not make a connection to the Router (other WiFi devices can connect through Router so I don't suspect a router problem).  If I do a Restart the connection is made OK.


      Should I force a driver update?  And if yes, then how?  Or should I just live with it??


      This is all a little beyond my technical sphere, so I am hoping for some advice?

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          1. Download the latest driver from Intel site to your drive.

          2. Disconnect the network cable and/or the WiFi connection.

          3. Open Hardware Manager and uninstall the existing driver.

          4. Manually install the downloaded from Intel driver.

          5. Reconnect the network.


          Hope this helps


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            OK.  Makes sense, so I followed the steps, but at the end I had a slightly newer driver -, instead of;  not that I was expecting.


            I can try running for a while and see if this improves my connection reliability.


            But for my education - when I did step 3, I think I was offered the option to "Delete the old driver", which I didn't do, I just Uninstalled it - should I have done the Delete?


            If I deleted the old Driver, would I be unable to Rollback if there were a problem?





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              Hello Pam,

              1. You are absolutely right. You did OK.  Uninstall option in HM, uninstalls the current used driver, living its package in Driver Store on you drive, while Delete option, removes driver package from Driver Store, living the currently operational devices that use its driver. So, if you have deleted the old driver instead of uninstall in order to Rollback it, you will be requested to use installation media (if it contains the old package) or to download old version from Intel.

              2. The is the driver version and is the package version.



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                Thank you so much for your help and patient and clear explanation.



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                  Having updated driver etc as above, I find I am still getting the intermittent failures to connect to the internet.


                  Whilst I can just restart the PC, and it always seems to be OK the second time, this is frustrating.  I attach a log and various diagnostic screenshots in the hopes that someone more technical than me can advise.


                  Is it the network card or some other software inconsistency??


                  Help?  Pam

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                    Intel Corporation
                    This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                    Hello PamHW ,


                    Thank you for reaching the Intel(R) Communities.


                    I understand you are facing connection issues with your Intel® 82579V Gigabit Ethernet adapter.


                    Let me get this routed to the proper forum support so it can be handled by one of our wired connections experts.


                    Esteban C

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                      Intel Corporation
                      This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                      Hi PamHW,

                                Thank you for the inquiry. Checking on the file, your 82579V (OEM) onboard NIc is shown as 82579LM instead. Please visit below website to perform the NVM update 


                            Please let  me know if this resolve the invalid device name and at the same time the intermittent failure. As this is an upgrade from Windows* 7 to Windows 10 on your system and 82579V is an onboard (OEM) NIC, it is recommended you contact the system vendor to obtain the customized Windows* 10 driver which is more suitable for the onboard NIC. 


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                        Thank you.  Looking at the page it does not list Window 10 on the  Available Downloads.  Is this OK?



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                          Hello Pam,

                          You are right, this is the link to Windows 10 driver: Download Intel® Network Adapter Driver for Windows® 10



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                            Thanks Leon.  Sorry, I am confused.  I had already done the Windows Driver update previously - thanks to your help.


                            Q1 - A previous post said "Please visit below website to perform the NVM update




                            and it was that page where I was querying whether there was a Windows 10 update for the NVM (whatever that is ).  So how should I proceed on that?


                            Q2 - And just to add confusion, I am now getting an error message "Communication with service process failed. Tray cannot start" when I start up.  It comes, I think, from the Intel Driver & Support assistant, which I ran/downloaded to try and clarify whether my drivers were right.  When I click OK to the msg, it closes.  Cannot find any reference to that error msg.  But I have found that it has been added to my Start-up programs; does it need to be?



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                              Dear Pam,

                              This is really confusing. I'll try to answer:

                              Q1 this link (given by Sharon) is to download Intel tool for updating firmware of your Ethernet Adapter. This firmware (burned in adapter Non Volatile Memory -NVM) affects the adapter functionality and according to Intel may fix your problem in Windows 10. See the explanation in the description of this tool:

                              "This utility resolves an issue where during system resume, the Intel® 82579V Gigabit Ethernet PHY Network Connection erroneously reports the device id as an Intel® 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet Controller Network Connection, resulting in a Windows* Code 10 error and loss of network connection."

                              Driver which you have updated is a software layer between to Operating System (Windows 10) and the Ethernet Adapter.


                              Q2 I usually don't work with Driver & Support Assistant as I think that is not fully debugged and gives false false indications. I rather prefer to update drivers manually. Let see that if after updating the firmware this message will still exist.




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                                OK, thanks for your patience.  I have downloaded the .zip file.  The instructions on the download page say


                                Steps to run the update tool:

                                1. Download the utility.

                                3. Open a command prompt window with administrator privileges

                                2. Select the utility in the directory or folder based on the operating system installed

                                    a. 32-bit Windows use the utility in the Win32 directory

                                    b. 64-bit Windows use the utility in the Win64e directory

                                    c. DOS use the utility in the DOS directory

                                4. Run the executable file from the common prompt

                                5. The NVM image will be updated. Reboot the computer for best results.


                                Having dragged up my distant memories of DOS, I eventually ran the exe, but got an error (attached)

                                "Cannot copy driver file: aborting

                                Couldn't install driver"


                                Not sure what to do next?

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                                  I've never did this and can't do this since I've have other Ethernet adapter. Hope that some body from Intel (Sharon may be) will help you with this. Any way I want to ensure that you did what is written in he readMe.txt file:


                                  1. After downloading the file and unzipping it for example in Download directory you shall open the Command Prompt with the Administrator privileges. In order to open this prompt, right mouse click in display left down (start) and menu will open. Press left mouse click on Command Prompt (Admin). Confirm and Administrator: Command Prompt will open.

                                  2. Change directory to the place where exe for Windows 10 64 is saved. For example Drive Name:\..\Downloads\82579VSKU\Win64e

                                  3. Write command 82579VSKUW64e -nosilent and press enter.


                                  If you did like I describe, it suppose to work.



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                                    This is now 'interesting' me!


                                    I read your suggestion and wondered whether it had failed since I wasn't running it from the right sub-directory, so repeated this morning changing to the right directory before running with the -nosilent switch.


                                    Unfortunately I got the same error msg - see attached.


                                    I am now wondering whether the problem lies in the fact that, when I do a diagnostic run (from the Acer website) for the Acer PC it says it is running Win8, whereas I am actually running Win 10. (see attached).   I can see no way of changing that.  Nor any way of downloading an updated driver (as Sharon suggested) from Acer.


                                    However - I think, since this is only an intermittent problem which I can get around by restarting, I am going to leave it, and thank you for your input.

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