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    Network Card Driver update


      My query is - I am running Win10 (upgraded from Win7) and my network card driver is v 

      However Intel website says the latest driver is 

      I run MS Update automatically and it is not highlighting this as a problem.


      System gives me this info


      Wired Networking Product Intel(R)82579 V based NetworkController (OEM)

      Driver Version


      The problem I have is that often (about 25% of the time) when I switch the PC on, it does not make a connection to the Router (other WiFi devices can connect through Router so I don't suspect a router problem).  If I do a Restart the connection is made OK.


      Should I force a driver update?  And if yes, then how?  Or should I just live with it??


      This is all a little beyond my technical sphere, so I am hoping for some advice?

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          1. Download the latest driver from Intel site to your drive.

          2. Disconnect the network cable and/or the WiFi connection.

          3. Open Hardware Manager and uninstall the existing driver.

          4. Manually install the downloaded from Intel driver.

          5. Reconnect the network.


          Hope this helps


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            OK.  Makes sense, so I followed the steps, but at the end I had a slightly newer driver -, instead of;  not that I was expecting.


            I can try running for a while and see if this improves my connection reliability.


            But for my education - when I did step 3, I think I was offered the option to "Delete the old driver", which I didn't do, I just Uninstalled it - should I have done the Delete?


            If I deleted the old Driver, would I be unable to Rollback if there were a problem?





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              Hello Pam,

              1. You are absolutely right. You did OK.  Uninstall option in HM, uninstalls the current used driver, living its package in Driver Store on you drive, while Delete option, removes driver package from Driver Store, living the currently operational devices that use its driver. So, if you have deleted the old driver instead of uninstall in order to Rollback it, you will be requested to use installation media (if it contains the old package) or to download old version from Intel.

              2. The is the driver version and is the package version.



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                Thank you so much for your help and patient and clear explanation.