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    Can you pls help me increase the available memory for the Intel HD Graphics 2000 series video card?


      Thank you for taking the time to read this. So real quick, these are the specs for my PC... Dell Inspiron 620, I5 2.9g processor, 6gb of Ram, running Windows 7 home, Intel HD Graphics 2000 w most up to date driver version ( and the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. - Which says the total amount of available graphics memory is 1.6gb and the dedicated video memory is 64mb.


      So my questions are;

           -(Despite my previous attempts, maybe I missed something)   Is there any other software or way for me to raise the declared amount of memory for usage by the video card?  I know the I7 has the same line of card and the video control panel offers a customize option on the memory specs, but I haven't been able to find an option like that on what I currently have. I also couldn't find a version number on the software installed.

           -If I upgrade my RAM to 8Gb will it automatically raise the graphics card memory?


      I've attached 2 screenshots of my video card graphics properties and the graphics media control panel. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks again for reading and for your responses.