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    NUC7i3BNK fails to output display


      Hi all,


      Got my kaby lake i3BNK NUC, excitedly opened the package, made some appropriate ooh and ahh noises, installed 2x4gb of ram and slapped a 500GB m.2 drive in it.

      Inserted my windows 10 install USB, plugged it into a TV, turned it on, and.. nothing.

      No display output detected. Huh.
      Tried different TVs.
      Tried different HDMI cables.
      Tried different RAM.
      Tried booting without an M.2.
      Tried booting with the BIOS jumper in different configurations.

      No display output... just a solid blue light.

      I'm at a total loss. Would appreciate any steps you guys think I could make.