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    OpenGL is super slow on Windows 10 + Intel HD 4000 and earlier


      Also see this link (top post on page) for a user with the same problem:


      Windows 10 Creators Update* & Intel® HD Gra... |Intel Communities


      I've reproduced this issue with the Android Emulator, and the workaround seems to be to disable glFinish, glClientWaitSync, or any OpenGL call that involves waiting on OpenGL commands to complete.


      More info here:




      Another user with the same problem:




      My guess is that in the latest Windows 10 updates, a Windows API call's behavior changed in a way that broke some client-side waiting code in the Intel driver. Now, instead of waiting until GPU commands complete, the wait fails and we reach the maximum timeout, which seems to be around 5 seconds. So that means every time glFinish (or similar command) is called, a 5 second pause is incurred.


      This doesn't just happen on Intel HD 4000; it seems every model earlier than that is affected as well. Driver updates do not help, and to make things even worse, many of the earlier models have had their support discontinued.