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    Skull canyon NUC6i7KYK lost some of the bios power options


      I have lost some of the the power options in the bios:

      turbo boost short power max

      turbo boost power max

      ICC amps and

      turbo boost time window


      Reference number from live chat 03018878


      This was after It failed to boot from an under volt, The computer is working fine i have just lost the extra power options


      So far i have tried the soft cmos reset

      Bios recovery flash (power button, bios jumper and from within the bios menu)

      Downgraded to the lowest possible bios which for me was 35 or 37 and after that did not work updated back to 49


      I was advised that the hard cmos reset may remedy the issue but i do not want to void the warranty


      Any help would be greatly Appreciated!