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    issue connecting intel xdk with galileo gen 2 board



      1. I am unable to connect Intel xdk with Intel Galileo gen 2 board ,I am using Ethernet to connect galileo and pc .

      2. I have connected manually (see below attachment  figure 1).

      3.After giving IP address and all ,error is coming (figure 2).

      4.Trying to connect but sometimes it is asking this (figure 3).after it is downloading some daemon files ,still not connecting.

      5.     A)  Which image version are you using?

                    ans) 201506210418

              B) opkg list-installed | grep xdk

                    ans) xdk-daemon-0.0.35-r0

              C) opkg list-installed | grep mraa


                            mraa - 0.7.2-r0

                            mraa-dev - 0.7.2-r0

                            mraa-doc - 0.7.2-r0

              D) opkg list-installed | grep upm


                              upm - 0.3.1-r0

                              upm-dev - 0.3.1-r0

      6. finally it is not connecting ,the picture shown  (figure 4)

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