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    NUC7i3BNH HDMI-issues (video format not supported) with some Philips hotel TVs




      How could it be that several Philips hotel TVs (32-40" 1080p - age 2-3yrs) says "video format not supported" with black screen when HDMI-connected to the NUC7i3BNH with latest bios 0050 and latest W10 intel gfx drivers installed (

      This used to work with the same set of TVs prior to bios 0048 and a colleague of mine with exactly the same setup also lost the picture during the same period of time when this bios was released.


      When connecting my other NUC (6i5SYK) to the same set of TVs (with the same HDMI-cables) everything just works - also, pretty much everything else works on these TVs so I can't really force the Hotels to update their TVs could I?

      What has changed that prevents this from working?


      Also, have tried with many different HDMI-cables with no luck...


      Edit: I'm able to see post and bios screen during startup but then it goes black when OS started. /Edit