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    Intel 10 Gigabit FA DA Dual Port HORRIBLE THROUGHPUT


      Greetings, Intel Community Members.


      I have been testing a direct connection between two eSXI 6.5 hosts both with Intel 10 Gbit FA DA cards in them.


      I have tried both PCI Passthrough and normal and no matter what I do, no matter how many settings I change in the drivers, windows settings you name I am unable to get over 1.56gbps between the two.


      Before you suggest a bottleneck of disks, they both do 900MB/sec Read and 600MB/sec Write so it is not that.  I am at a loss, tried other cables etc and I am just stumped. 


      I am using iperf to do the tests between the two but like I said it literally will not budge above 1.56gbps.  The cards are both in pcie 3.0 x8 slots, I have also went into both bios and disabled the "Memory Mapped IO above 4GB" setting.


      Any clues or ideas would be appreciated.