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    Skull Canyon (NUC6i7KYK) can't do >2 channel audio via HDMI?????


      Specs: Win10x64 (build ~Jul.1/'17, fully patched), Drivers all patched up, HDMI->TV->SoundBar (via ARC)


      So. ... Why does my sound-settings limit me to 2-channel only? Everything seems legit but it just won't offer higher than 1995 sound quality. It's really ticking me off. Same setup next to the NUC from Xbox One and my SoundBar shows DTS. From NUC, 2-channel. BAH!!!


      I've tried:

      - uninstalling display driver, reboot, reinstall

      - patching HDMI Firmware to February's release

      - different cables (all are HDMI2.0 compliant)

      - different ports on TV (my TV has a bunch of 30hz ports, and one 60hz)


      Has anyone else dealt with this and found a resolution?

      NUC Stereo Only.png