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    Intel HD +500 series driver bug: chrome goes to black screen when restored/maximized from minimized state


      Screenshot (6).png

      hello my dear freind. i have a problem with intel +500 hd series


      new google chrome v60 has BIG problem with intel hd +500 series.

      i will tell to you why i pointing this issue to intel hd +500 series.


      when i minimizing the chrome window and a secend ago i want to use it again and open its window, everything (UI aero) is going to black until i open another windows in taskbar of windows at side of chrome window!! then everything will back to their currect state.


      i posted this bug to chrome support and discused with many users who have this problem in a recently month and for fixing this problem they was forced to disable (Hardware accelration in chrome setting).this solution fix this problem but made another problem in graphic contented web pages and laggy exprience web browsing!!



      ***this is another solution from a user in chrome topics and forums (rather than disabling HW accelration):


      i found a solution for this problem!!!

      please change default graphic processor (intel) to Nvidia or AMD dedicated graphic processor in right click content menu or nvidia,amd control panel and you will see this problem disapear!!

      note: disabling hardware accelerator is not good solution for this scenario!! because made another problem and laggy exprience in web browsing and watching videos or google map (any contenet in the web that needs high graphic proccesing)!!!

      other freinds that pointed a note where chrome 60 has problem with intel hd +500 series. i think this is true!! we must report this issue to intel hd 500 series support!


      **yep. this problem Probably should be from intel hd driver HD +500 series.because users who reported this issue, about most of all had intel hd +500 series as a default graphic processor for chrome and changing to dedicated graphic fixed this problem.


      at the end, my system has latest drivers and os updates!


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