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    windows 8 stuck on BSOD and does not respond




      recently my Intel TL10IE2 Tablet touch screen stopped responding. and the virtual keyboard disappeared.

      I refreshed my Intel TL10IE2 Tablet. but when it was about to finalize and restart it gave me a BSOD error :


      it starts to repair then it says:

      Your PC did not start correctly

      then it freezes and does not respond .

      if I force shutting down it will start over again to search for errors and repair and back to the beginning a BSOD ... and so on.!


      The tablet does not have a CD Drive and did not come with any CD or portable media for support.

      I searched for such on intel.com but could not find any !


      it is stuck on the BSOD , what can I do? How can I start it or repair it?

      Thanks !