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    SATA 6 Question


      I am considering upgrading to the X-25 Extreme, but I need to know if I should wait for the SATA 6 implementation before spending this kind of money.  It looks as if this may not be far off?   I understand the speeds would be considerably greater?  Do you think Intel can create a Driver change to older models should this take place?

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          Just to clarify, there is no SATA 6 revision or "standard".


          The current X-25E does not support the SATA 3 (6 Gb/sec) speeds.  So your SATA 3 motherboard/southbridge would negociate a SATA 2 connection (3 Gb/sec) with the X-25E.


          Various tech websites continue to show the X-25E as one of the fastest SSDs available, particularly under a heavy random workload.


          So before making the plunge, I recommend you understand your workload.  If you have a highly sequential workload (continuously movie editing or creating large image files constantly, for example), it may make sense for you to wait for a SATA 3 SSD.  But under a typical client workload, it's doubtful that you would experience a noticeable difference in performance using a SATA 2 or SATA 3 SSD.


          Also, if this SSD is for use in your home or work PC, an X-25E may be overkill, since it is intended for extreme usage situations like in servers.  You may get better value with an MLC X-25M G2.


          Hope that helps.

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            Thank you NandFlashGuy