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    DX58SO - Going crazy with boots, reboots and bios crashes


      Hi everyone, first sorry about my english. Here´s my problem and what´s happening to me with my new mobo DX58SO:


      Bought it a few days ago and it came with the 3435 bios version. First I was having a problem with the Marvel adapter at the boot, but later discovered that´s was with the eSata setting in BIOS. Just turned it off and it began to run normaly. But the serious problem is that everytime that I turn off the pc for more than around 30 minutes, when I turn it on again the PC reboots after a few seconds and than boots again with a POST screen, something like this: "The system bios has detected uncuccessfull POST attempts possible causes include recent changes to BIOS Performance options or recent hardware changes".


      It´s really frustrating receiving this message everytime I turn off the PC for a while and than turn it on again.


      I just tried lot´s of stuff, like: updating the BIOS on various versions with iflash usb (3435, 4121, 4158, 4196, 4405, 4598, 5020) - 5020 and 4405 won´t boot and shows a black screen, with no beeps, options, just black. To boot on this version I had to clear CMOS, but when turn off and on again the issue returns.


      Also tried to remove the memory and the 3 beeps occours normaly.


      I don´t know what to do anymore, will try some other stuff but think i´ll have to RMA. Does anyone knows a stable bios version for this mobo? I really would like to use the latest version 5020 but for my configuration it looks to be the worth of then. Here´s my conf:


      DX58SO - AA 503 series with 3435 default BIOS version.

      i7-920 - SLBEJ version

      Cooler IceAge 120 plus

      6GB Corsair six pack XMS3 platinum series 1333mhz 1,5v

      PSU - Corsair 400 cx

      VGA ATI Radeon 4850 Shappire 512MB 256bits

      HD Seagate 500GB

      HD Seagate 200GB

      Sata CD/DVD LG GH22SN40

      CM 690 CoolerMaster Case


      Note: Just tryed updates from BIOS version 4021 and above, as showed in the compatibility table for my processor. Also tryed to remove the molex auxilar power conector (read this tip on other post) without success.


      Any ideas before i throw it out the window? lol


      Thanks in advance!

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          BIOS 4598 and 5020 have known issues (broken BCLK, multipliers, etc.) ... the last stable release appears to be 4405, which has been running on my system without issue.


          I am curious though... when you say that you shut the machine off for 30 minutes, and then it reboots... are you putting it into suspend, or completely turning it off?  When I first purchased this board, I started having all types of strange issues... system would not flash BIOS outside of recovery mode, system would not recover from sleep, and occasionally it would boot with the message as you describe.  The unlikely culprit was one of my memory modules (even though no errors could be detected if memtest86 etc.)


          Based on the excessive troubleshooting i've had to do on this board, I would suggest remove everything that is non-essential to system boot (run single memory module, disconnect extra SATA devices etc.) to see if it will be stable.

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            Go into the bios / performance / memory overrides/ and turn off the failsafe for a couple of troubleshooting restarts.  While there in the bios, set the memory profile to the slowest XMP profile.  Make sure that the voltage setting at the bottom of the timings list is set to 1.66v and cmd is set to 2.  The Corsair memory really needs 1.66v.


            Turn the power off let the box stand 5-10 minutes, try the power up.

            That power up, auto down, auto up again, is the failsafe resetting the memory timings to some default pulled out of the Corsair memory.

            And it gives you a heads up via that error message that it thinks the first memory timings won't work. ( even tho it's not very clear - Intel? )




            PS The Corsair memory really needs 1.66v and it's not too much for the cpu.

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              I turned off. If I turn off the system for 5 or 10 minutes than it starts normaly. The issue occours when the system stays off for a longer time, eg. 30-40min, ok?



              I´ll try what you said. In this moment i´m trying to change de Sata slots. I was thinking about the Watchdog failsafe (I don´t know what is the Watchdog) but think that it´s what´s causing the auto down (10 seconds) when I start the system. Will try and post the results here later. Thanks to both of you guys!



              tex2xx, I found the failsafe but couldn´t find the XMP profile and the CMD set to 2 there. Could you help me and say where exactly it´s located there inside the BIOS? Now I´m running the 4405 BIOS Version as Domain said. Tks!

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                According to the Intel processor compatibility chart the SLBEJ i7 920 needs bios version 4021 or later to run. You need to check your bios rev.

                This is due to the D0 stepping cpu, it's a later rev chip build.


                Check the your Corsair memory for Core i7 compatibility on the Corsair website.




                PS I'm running the Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D on three DX58SO systems with no problems. Win 7 x64.

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                  I´m running Corsair XMS3 TR3X6G1333C9 G 6GB Pack (3x2GB) so I think it realy needs 1,5v instead of the 1,66v that you said before. Your model runs on 1,65v cause it´s a 1600mhz. I´ll disconsider your previous topic. I´ll try only to disable the failsafe Watchdog and post the results here later. Tks!

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                    XMP profile settings are under Performance (Select Yes to allow modification), then Memory Overrides.  Select "Performance Memory Profiles" and change from Automatic to XMP (will vary depending on supported modes of these chips).


                    Watchdog is there to detect if BIOS modifications result in an unsuccessful boot, allowing you to go back into the BIOS and change settings without having to pull the configuration jumper.

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                      I have the same problem.

                      Just bought the DX58SO, I7 920, Kingston 1333.

                      It was running fine until I updated the bios to the 5020 version. Looks like it was not tested correctly.

                      The problems are as follow:

                      -Core speed was set at 135 instead of 133

                      -The multiplier shows values that go from 22 (default) to 24 (proposed and active) when the maximum value that can be set in it is 20

                      As a result the processor speeds go from 2.9 to 3.33 when the processor is originally set to 2.66.

                      As a result the system is only starting in bios configuration mode.

                      Loading default setting will not solve the problem. I also removed the battery for 15 minuets.

                      Please help me fixing this problem.

                      Intel Please remove the 5020 Bios from you download section, Since it will affect your image.

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                        load the default settings, then go to the performance page and change the bclk to 133. thats all you need to do. there are no other faulty settings afaik.

                        everything else you list is just a wrong readout from the bios. doesn't hurt your components. the effective settings (that you dont see) are correct.

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                          I did that  but the problem persisted, the system would not boot.

                          Removed battery for 15 minutes.

                          Boot to windows and installed bios version  4405.

                          It seems fine now even though multiplier is 22 in bios (21 in windows CPUz).

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                            I´ve called Intel support and the attendant told me to update to BIOS 5020. I did the process but when rebooted the system it wont boot anymore. Tried removing the battery, removing the jumper, setting jumper to configuration mode and nothing.


                            My mobo is dead. When I remove the memories modules the system give me a 3 beeps, so Intel´s support says that my mobo is not dead, but when trying to make the recovery process it didn´t work. The system wont read the CD/DVD with the .BIO file and wont read the USB too. All i´ve got is a black screen!


                            Don´t know what to do. Very frustrating!!!

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                              I have the exactly same issue, is there any solve to this?