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    Cooling issues and fans blowing hard after firmware updates on S2600CP Board




      I wanted to update the firmwares on a S2600CP that I've just started supporting. I previously installed Windows Server 2012 R2 on it and configured it as a Hyper-V Host and moved some VMs on to it and that was all working fine for a couple of weeks, including everything reporting as OK in the ASC.


      So I tried to go to the latest firmwares (02.06.0006) via the EFI Shell and it failed the BMC update, at the end it said it could not leave Firmware Update mode and go back to Operation Mode.


      I was on very old firmwares to begin with so I stepped through around 6 firmware bundles up to the very latest. When I booted into Windows I noticed the fans did not die down. I went into the ASC and could see the information attached in the images.


      I tried downgrading back to the firmware before, which is what it's still currently on (02.06.0005) but this has not changed the situation.


      Could anyone please help? Thanks.

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