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    X25M 80Gb Issues


      I've been having serious issues with my X25m ever since I purchased it.as-ssd-bench INTEL SSDSA2M080 14.03.2010 20-40-54.pngas-ssd-bench INTEL SSDSA2M080 14.03.2010 20-45-38.png

      as-ssd-bench INTEL SSDSA2M080 14.03.2010 20-21-05.png

      I've been having serious issues with my X25m g2 ever since I purchased it.


      To begin with, I upgraded the firmware to the latest, then installed Win7 x64 on my VAIO NR11Z, T7250 processor, ICH8M chipset [Cpuz reads the chipset as GM965, the southbridge as 82801HBM (ICH8-ME)].


      When I first booted, I noticed that defragmentation schedule was not automatically turned off, like it should be for SSDs as far as I am aware. Write caching was enabled. Then the problems started - upon reboots, seemingly randomly, the computer would hang during the windows 7 icon animation - the hard drive would display no activity for about 2 minutes, and then load as normal. This was very unusual, and seemingly random. There are no hard drive options in my VAIO bios.


      I then quickly reformated and tried again, this time installing NO drivers or updates (as opposed to the last time when i did), but the problem was still there. So i thought that there was some incompatibility with my chipset and the mAHCI drivers, so I reformatted yet again, and installed the intel matrix storage drivers. This cured the problem of random reboot hangs, but over time, despite running the intel optimizer, performance degraded and degraded. I tried once again to install msahci and measure performance - still degraded. Here are some screenshots (the two mahci are before and after toolbox), th istor is after toolbox. Adittionally, lately the toolbox seems to throw errors about files and asks to run checkdisk, but checkdisk comes out clean.


      Does anyone have any ideas what to do? I am naturally frustrated and annoyed at the poor performance. Whats more, the degradation is noticable in real terms and not just in benchmarks.