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    Firmware Updates... Where to start!


      I've purchased an Intel server from a authorized vendor, and want to update the mainboard firmware to the latest.


      The mainboard is a S2600CW2R. According to the online analyzer, my firmware is:


      Manufacturernot detected
      AA NumberH12881-271
      BIOS VendorIntel Corporation
      BIOS VersionIntel Corporation SE5C610.86B.01.01.0016.033120161139
      BIOS Release Date12/02/13
      System Memory32 GB


      I've looked at the firmware download page, and discovered that my firmware is rather old. 


      Two questions:


      1) Can I simply install the latest firmware? Or do I have to install every revision since the one installed?


      2) There is something called a "FRUFIX" (Download Intel® Server Board S2600CWR FRUFIX Utility ) - Do I need it for my mainboard?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.