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    Display adapter causing problems


      My Dell XPS 15 Laptop is having difficulties with it's display adapters. It has Intel(R)HD Graphics 530 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX960m. When either is enabled Windows will not load. I am able to fix by disabling both display adapters. I was able to roll back driver on the Intel to Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. This allows the NVIDIA to work. However now i have terrible problems with video quality when hooking up a second screen. Has anyone else had these problems?

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          Which of these XPS 15 models listed at Support | Dell US ?

          Do you use drivers from DELL or generic ones from Intel and NVIDIA?

          Check device manager for yellow bangs.


          Otherwise create a report with Intel® System Support Utility for Windows* for better help.

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            It's a XPS 15 9550. I'm running the ones from Dell (Realtek USB Ethernet Controller All-In-One Windows Driver/Win 10). I checked the drivers both by downloading from Dell Command Update, and by going to the Dell site and downloading the drivers they recommended (both the same). After playing with it what i found was that the NVIDIA display adapter works fine. If that one is disabled when i enable the Intel adapter the screen goes black and i have restart in safe mode to disable the Intel adapter. If the NVIDIA display adapter is enabled and i enable the Intel adapter everything works fine, however when i restart Windows will not load (I get the Dell sign with the spinning icon, then just the spinning icon indefinitely). Then once again I have to disable Intel from safe mode.


            Another interesting tidbit. With both display adapters enabled i am able to use a second screen through the HMDI. With only NVIDIA display adapter enabled i am unable to use my second screen. If i uninstall the Intel adapter and replace w/Windows Basic Media Adapter i can get the second screen but it is terrible, with blinking lines running through it. What i've done is enable the Intel adapter, hook up my second screen, then when I'm done for the day i unhook the second screen and disable Intel. Not a permanent solution.


            This all started when the computer was a few months old.