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    i7 920 vs. 860


      Hi all,


      I am about to order a dektop from dell, and can't make up my mind whether to get the i7 920 or the i7 860. The price is similar, and of course the 860 is 2.80GHz when the 920 is 2.66GHz. Both will come with 8GB memory, but the memory that will come with the 860 will be 1333MHz vs. 1066MHz with the 920 . The computer will mostly be used to run applications and virtualization, i.e. I'm planning on running at least one MS VM on it. Not planning on running games, and not planning on upgrdaing, at least not for a few years. I read opinions for both sides, but I'd appreciate your input here. Thanks!

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          Trust Dell not to know how the 920 works with ram setup the way it is (its from Dell need I say more) ….go with the 860 and thats my input done.

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            I personally will chose the Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 Processor 920. The 920 has triple channel memory at 1066Mhz that will be much better than 1333MHz at dual channel.


            Also the 920 has better features.


            You can compare them here:





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              I would go with the 860. The cpu is faster than the 920. The memory is dual channel as opposed to triple channel, but the ram will be faster than the stock ram with the 920. The 860 also has lower power consumption than the 920, therefore it should keep lower temperatures and in my experience lower temps will mean a longer life and less problems. Hope my opinion can help you out, whichever you decide you won't be going wrong.

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