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    Nuc stays on when tv is turned off but powers down when tv is restarted




      I'm a new proud owner of a nuc7i3bnh.

      Bios version 86A (49).

      Windows 10 home 64bit.


      I will be using the nuc as a media device connected to my tv (lg webos 2014).

      When I turn on my tv I want the nuc to start (works fine as specified in nuc bios).

      When I turn off my tv I want the nuc to shutdown (does not work, see below).

      HDMI cec signals are working great using the lg tv remote. I have a pulse eight adapter inside the nuc. Navigating the windows 10 kodi app works as expected.


      This is what happens when I turn my tv off:

      Everything is running fine, tv on and nuc also.

      I press the tv remote red button.

      Tv turns off.

      Nuc stays on.

      I then start tv again to see what happened by pressing tv remote red button.

      Tv turns on.

      When I see the windows desktop it only takes a few seconds then the computer automatically shuts down.


      It's as if the "shutdown" windows signal is not sent the first time due to timing.

      The reason I say this is because if i instead set Kodi to sleep instead of shutdown (when tv turns off) it actually does sleep. But funny enough when I turn the tv back on windows still shuts down.


      There are hdmi cec settings in the bios (set to turn on nuc when tv starts, other settings are turned off).

      There are hdmi cec settings in kodi (what to do when tv is turned off, set to shutdown windows/pc).

      And finally my lg tv has hdmi cec settings (SimpLink, auto-sync power is on).


      If I disable the auto-sync power feature of SimpLink the nuc stays on, doesn't sleep or power down.


      Due to a lot of cec settings involved perhaps there is a conflict. Hope you guys have some ideas.


      Thanks for reading.

      Best regards,