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    RedHat 7.3 on NUC7I5B?




      My boss told me to buy three PCs for a customer project that is based on "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3". The system does nothing more than issuing some X.509 certificates per day. So, instead of buying three over-sized tower PCs I'd like to use a tiny device for this application.


      But I am unsure if RHEL7.3 will work an a NUC7. I have no need of high 3D fps oder Wifi. I will only need the LAN port and the USB-ports. The NUC will be connected to a FullHD monitor via an HDMI->DVI adapter. That's it. But the desktop should not be sluggish.


      I guess that RHEL7.3's kernel is too old (3.10) to support the 7th generation of Intel chipsets, isn't it?

      If so, is there a really simple way to solve this? With "simply" I mean not to self compile a kernel, a display driver and so on. The solution should overcome normal system updates.


      Thank you very much!!

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          Hello Ikarisan,


          Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC community.


          I would like to let you that the official supported operating system for this model is Windows® 10 64-bit only, you can corroborate this information here: Supported Operating Systems for Intel® NUC Products. We do know that a lot of users are successfully using Linux distro's on their units. Since we provided limited support for Linux my recommendation in order to get the accurate answers regarding your inquiries is to check the Linux forum for peer to peer assistance on this matter, see the community here: Linux Forums.


          Hopefully you can get more answers there.



          Amy C.