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    NUC6i3SYH Video and Audio Issues


      I have a NUC6i3SYH (16gb Crucial DDR4 2133RAM (2x8GB), 256GB Intel M.2, 27" LG 27UD58 Monitor running up to date windows 10) and have 2 issues with it:


      1. The audio: on first boot the audio doesn't work. If you restart the computer (which takes an age if the audio isn't working) it will work when it re-starts. This is just mildly annoying and never used to be like this. Is this something windows update has broken? I have updated the bios to SY0061.BIO as I was running one 57 or something equally old and it's not made any difference? Windows normally boots in a matter of seconds and when the audio is working restarts very quickly.


      2. I'm getting some flicker on part of the screen. I'm unclear if this is down to the monitor or the gpu? It's a fairly recent problem and seems worse if the computer has been on for a while making me wonder if it's an issue with the GPU and heat? Where is the best place to start trouble shooting this issue? Or is it a known issue with the NUC?


      Thanks in advance.