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    Random disconnections


      Hi everyone


      I'm coming here because I have a "little" and annoying problem... I'm encoutering random disconnections while using my PC on various stuffs (surfing, online gaming, ...) and i can't figure what the problem is :/


      Here's my setup :

      - My motherboard is an Asus B85-Plus which has "Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller"

      - All my drivers are up-to-date

      - I'm linked to my router by RJ45 through CPL's (Devolo).

      - I'm using Windows 7

      - My internet access provider does not suffer any disconnections, it comes from "me" (yes, I asked them to check the logs haha)


      And here's some exta info's :

      - A friend of mine has the exact same setup (hardware, cables, drivers, CPL, OS and IAP) and he doens't suffer any disconnections

      - I tried with another brand of CPL, same problem

      - I tried with another router behind my provider's one, same problem.

      - I tried with a veeeeryyyyy long cable (around 15 metters haha), same problem.


      When i'm playing a certain game, Killing Floor 2, it seems that the game send a bunch of pings during a short time ; is it possible that the network card crash because of it ?


      When it appears, I have the little yellow "!" on my Internet Acces icon (on windows 7). If I right click, then click on "solve problems", it comes back 99 times on 100...


      Thank you very much !