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    Win10 sleep mode works only when a HDMI display is connected???


      Hello guys


      a few days ago I bought my first NUC ( NUC7i3BNH ) and everything works great but only 1 thing is strange.


      In my use case I have a plex server running on win10 and when no plex client is connected to the plex server through my network, he will change to sleep mode (theoretically) but when no display is attached via HDMI the sleep mode seems to have no effect. I tried to set the NUC in sleep mode by hand via rdp connection (selected the sleep mode in shutdown settings - not working).


      Strange thing is

      When I connect the NUC to my tv and make the same settings via connected keyboard, the NUC is moved to sleep mode (blinking blue power led) and hes waking up again when I use the keyboard (wake on via lan is also working)


      Does this behavior mean that a HDMI connected display is forced to have so the sleep mode works correctly? or do I have to change some major settings in UEFI setup or in windows?


      thanks for help